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Learn Resin Art

An Investment in knowledge pays the best interest


-Benjamin Franklin

Classes format

Resin art is a Science. There is a chemistry between resin, pigments and heat. When you have that chemistry, you will see a huge success. I promise you that it is addicting. While effects can be directed, some serendipitous effects can blow your mind. But there is always a reasoning which is important to understand. I will help you learn that than just basic 'how to' which will play more important role in your success than just to see how someone does it.

  • ​Classes will have a preface where I will explain the theory/science about each technique

  • How to do it with complete explanation from basics of resin mixing to complex techniques

  • Troubleshooting guidelines: I will be honest. These techniques might take some practice and experimentation or not. It will depend of your experience of working with resin. I have had failures, many. But it is important to learn from each failure. Remember:

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new


-Albert Einstein


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Video Availability till...

I am planning to have videos available till Dec 2022 irrespective of when you sign up. This is because the hosting platform is quite expensive for videos and I do not want to add that cost in course costs so that I can keep it affordable for those who want to learn. 

Once you buy the course

Please login on the website (top right) and once you do so the account is set up and website would give you permissions within 1-2 business days. Please use the email you used to sign up for the course else there would be delay in verification of your account and provide permissions. After you are approved, click on member's tab and then click on the course you signed up for to view the course. Only people who have requested access receive it according to website!

Angel Wing Technique


Learn how to pour Angel Wings and get a clear cast without using a pressure pot - Tray and Coasters

Learn how to pour The Blooming Rose petal effect and flower effect 

Learn how to pour ribbons, lacing and get depth in your wall art and  cheeseboards

Coasters E-Class
Ribbons & Lacing Techniques
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