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Frequently Asked Questions  &/ Terms



  • How far in advance shall I book flower preservation?                                                                                                                                                                                                         

We generally recommend to do it as soon as you have a wedding date since we only accept limited bouquets each week. We open bookings two years in advance. Meaning we are accepting bookings for 2023 since Jan 2022

  • What is your timeline?

6-9 months. This is an estimate, not a guarantee.  We try to finish orders as soon as possible. But in busy seasons it may take full 6-9 months or more. If you have many add ons, that takes longer too because they may be small but they are a lot of work. Also, the timeline may extend if the client takes forever to approve an invoice.

  • Can you cast my air-dried flowers, silk or wood flowers?

Yes! The process and prices are the same, but we will send different shipping instructions accordingly.

  • Can you recreate my bouquet? My wedding has passed, and I didn’t know I could preserve my flowers or didn’t get a reservation date.

Yes, we work with local florist (extra charges apply) to source similar flowers based on the pictures you provide, and we work on preserving them for you. We can also work with flowers you air-dried yourself.

  • Is your deposit refundable?

No! Apologies! Your deposit is not refundable. We have committed studio space and time for your project and turned down other clients after you claimed the date. You could use that deposit on other future date depending on availability or get another piece of art.

  • What if I change my mind about my order? What if I want to upgrade and add more add ons?

You can upgrade the size of your order as long as you do so before we receive your flowers for preservation. This way we can be sure to preserve the amount of flowers we need for your piece. If we have enough flowers dried from your bouquet, we can do it later but that is subject to enough availability of your dried florals.


We do not allow downgrading the orders. 

  • Can my order be rushed?

No! Sorry! It is handmade and takes time.

  • How long do I have to reply about layout approval and paying the invoice?

We prefer that you approve it by paying the invoice within a couple days if the design looks okay. If you want to make a change, we will do that as soon as possible and come back with updated design. We provide 1 layout and if that does not work, we will make a second one. More than that is additional $35. We want to touch your flowers as less as we can because they are extremely fragile and may break apart if handles too much. If you have a design preference or a layout you prefer, please let us know and we can work around that lines. 

Said that if we do not receive any communication from you for a couple weeks, we will gently remind you every week for a couple weeks. If we receive no communication for month/s, we reserve the right to discard your flowers and without refunding the booking deposit. If you want an option for payment plan or something is holding you up, please communicate and we will find a solution. No replying is ghosting your memories. 


  • What is an estimated price for overnight shipping of fresh flowers?

The rates vary from each state, time, day and place. We have no control over this. You could get a quote from your shipping company. We recommend UPS.

To get this quote, you could assume a box of 16x16x16”- this depends on your bouquet. The weight may be 5-8 pounds. Our shipping location is Winchester MA-01890. Make sure you ask about the different times of day they are quoting prices for as that will make a difference in your cost. The rates can be anywhere between $50-250. Please do not reserve a date if you do not want to spend this money. We send other clients back based on the time we committed for you.

  • How do I pack my flowers for shipping? 

Once you reserve a date, we send you instructions to pack your bouquet. Please follow them.

  • I am local to Massachusetts or around, can I drop of my bouquet?

Yes, local drop offs are encouraged!

  • How much is shipping for my finished collection?

$25-$40 within US. Big items like tables will be charged more according to delivery location and shipping company fee.

  • How long does it take to receive my collection?

4-6months. This is an estimate, not a guarantee. Time frame is subject to change as necessary depending on seasons, raw material back orders etc. We strive to deliver it within 16weeks, but we rather commit more time than under deliver. We take extra care throughout the process and allow additional time to make sure that the flowers are completely dry and ready to cast in resin or be framed. It also depends on how big your order is and how many add-ons you have. Those small add-ons take a long time than you can imagine. And remember these are Handmade pieces with a secret ingredient- Love!


  • Will my flowers look the same as they did at my event?

No. It’s not realistic to expect them to look the same as the event day. The flowers go through a lot of steps before they come in our hands. Event, shipping etc places some stress on the flowers because of which we always encourage people to send extras from centerpiece.

Also, some flowers tend to change color and form a little during the drying process. The best examples are Reds turning Burgundy, Whites turning cream or ivory and Pinks turning purple. Lilies and orchids are not guaranteed to dry to their original color.

Succulents cannot be dried due to high moisture content. We recommend faux succulents or faux berries as an option.

Bruising- some flowers get bruised on the event day, when they are handled or shipped. This is out of our or anyone’s control and would lead to transparent spots, we wont know until they are casted in resin They still look so beautiful.

If you ordered a functional item like tray, table, clock etc , we may partially/fully press/use them as is if they fit flowers depending on our judgement. This changes the shape of flowers.If you have a preference, please let us know before you send us the flowers.

  • Will it be perfect like the fresh bouquet?

Each piece is lovingly handmade and takes up-to 20-30 hours of hands-on time across many days. Every piece is poured layer after layer with hours of curing in between. Due to the nature of the handmade process, you should expect imperfections like a few bubbles and little bits of nature. The pour lines will be visible on the sides of every block. The lines are less visible on other shapes but will be there as well. Although our best effort and attention to detail is given to every piece, if you are expecting perfection, we are not the right artists for you.

  • Will I be able to see the placement of flowers before it is finally in resin?

Yes! For the main piece. We provide one layout, if that doesn't work we do 2nd one. More than that will be an additional charge of $35. We want to handle flowers as less as we can to maintain their integrity. They are fragile on drying. The more we touch them, the more they get distorted. If you have a design on mind, send it to us beforehand so we work on those lines, which avoids spoiling flowers unnecessarily. 


We cannot provide layouts for add ons.

We send out layouts before we cast them in resin/ frame for approval. You can send us your design preference as a fully filled, partially, some negative space, diagonal, one corner etc when you book or when we are drying your flowers. If you want a tray option, you need to choose this before we dry your flowers because we can’t make a tray with bigger flowers.

Once you approve your layout, we ask you to pay the remaining balance for us to proceed to the resin stage/framing. At this stage it needs to be urgently done so that your flowers do not rehydrate with the moisture content from the atmosphere.

Same applies to pressed flower frames. We would send the final layout and once the payment is done; we frame it.

  • Can I add other items from my big day in my casting?

As long as it is dry or we could dry them, we can try to incorporate it. Reach out to us before you send something to make sure, it can be done.​​

  • Is it safe to put my artwork in direct sunlight or near a heat source?

All epoxies will gain a yellow/amber tint over a long period of time but we use a product with advanced UV inhibitors and it is one of the clearest on the market that is safe for flowers. To ensure your artwork lasts for years to come, it is recommended to store your piece out of direct sunlight and away from a direct heat source like a fireplace mantle etc. 

  • How long will my artwork last?

Pressed: Every piece is sealed well so that humidity and little bugs don't get inside the piece. We do not prefer to color enhance flowers so they will age and change over time depending on flower type/color. Whites typically change more than vibrant/colored flowers. We recommend avoiding high humidity areas like bathrooms to hang your pressed artwork.

Resin: All epoxy will eventually yellow to some degree; however, our casting resins have UV inhibitors in them that will delay the change in color. Please Do NOT display them in direct sunlight to avoid yellowing faster. 

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