Flower Preservation 

Cherish flowers from the big day forever with a gorgeous keepsake! 


See pricing and reserve your date below!

Price Sheet 

The non-refundable booking fee counts towards the total. Rest to be paid after flowers are dried, before resin pour/making a frame. Please read FAQ here  for some questions you may have or email us.

Display Blocks and Functional items are main pieces. Add ons can be bought only if you get display block or functional items.    

Display Blocks:

1.6x6" block-$300(can only fit 3-5 medium blooms & some greens. Generally not recommended for bride's bouquet)

1. 8X8" block- $400

2. 9" hexagon- $450

3. 10x10" block-$500

4. 11" Hexagon- $550

5. 12 X12" block- $600

6. 12x9" block-$550

7. 24x6" Key/Mask/Jewelry holder-$550(New)

8.Bookends pair 5x4x3"- $450

9.Bookends pair 9x6.5x3"- $600


1. Tray 11x14"- $475

2. Tray 11x17"-$565

3. 12"Clock-$450(new)

4. 18"round table-$1000

(These functional items can only be filled 2 inch max so flowers might need to be pressed partially or fully. Indicate your preference if you desire space in tray or no space in tray). This order needs to be decided before you send us the flowers so we can treat them accordingly)

Pressed Flower Art:

8. 11x14" Pressed flower frame(standard)- $425

9. 16x20" Pressed flower frame(standard)- $500

10. Pressed Flower 8X10" add on only- $120

Additional $20-$25 shipping for standard items. Larger items like tables may cost more.


Add On items: Price Sheet

1. Geometric Ring Holder- $65

2. Tea-light Candle Holder- $70

3. Circle Jewelry dish- $65

4. Wine Stopper- $40

5. Heart paper weight- $75

6. 4"Sphere paper weight-100

7. 4X4" - $150 (Filled up-to 4" depending on flowers)

8. 5" Hex- $150

9. Coaster set of 4- $100(Filled up-to 1" depending on flowers)

10. Pendant- $30

11. Earrings- $50

12. Christmas ornament- $40

13. Bookends pair 5x4x3"-$450

14. Letter Add On 6"-$100


Shipping $20-$25 for clients within US to ship items back.