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As self-taught artist, I intend my art to soothe the soul. I prefer my art to be healing; to provide strength and energy by use of bright and bold play of colors to create designs that would light up ones soul.

Most of my work is fluid art, which definitely teaches me how to go with the flow. I used to be the one who loved a lot of control but fluid art has taught me to let go and life just got more beautiful. Discovering fluid art was a turning point; its organic, free-flowing movement is mesmerizing to watch and is so therapeutic to me. I love how it takes on a life of its own and travels a path I could never have planned. Each piece is so unique and cannot be replicated! Some of my fluid artwork will be displayed at The Arctic Art Gallery in Rhode Island and Tricera Art Gallery in Japan.


I work as a full-time Scientist at a Pharmaceutical company in Boston. At work, I study Immune system and its effects on Cancer. The area or research is precisely known as Immuno-Oncology. In that regard surprisingly, I do work with some research techniques that are also flow based. Fluid Art just hints to me that life has its flow and one should go with it. My art has influenced my life and vice versa. Most of my inspiration for colors comes from the images I see under the microscope at work which translate into art. Isn't that astonishing that my work and art are so influenced by each other? I hope you can have a look at my work and get as energised as I did while making it.

May the flow be with you! Live! Love!! Laugh!!!

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